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Located in the Republic of North Macedonia, along the Via Egnatia route linking the East and West, this geopark spans 1,282 sq km, an hour south of Skopje and two hours north of Thessaloniki. It’s a geological, natural, and cultural hub, inhabited for over 10,000 years, offering diverse tourism opportunities including geo-tourism, gastronomy, spas, adventure sports, and cultural events.

The park extends from the Disan winery in Negotino, through Demir Kapija, to Bogorodica at the Greek border, with Marvinci and Kavadarci marking its eastern and western limits. Central to the park is the Demir Kapija-Gevgelija ophiolitic complex, showcasing a Mesozoic volcanic sequence.

The area is also known for its casinos, spa tourism, skiing at Kozuf Mountain, and unique attractions like Traikovsky Wines & Spirits.


  • Alshar Ore Deposit: Home to the unique Lorandite mineral, exclusive to this site and a key research center.
  • Elephant Fossil: An 8 million-year-old relic from the Miocene epoch, located in Dolni Disan, Negotino municipality.
  • Demir Kapija Gorge Ophiolitic Complex: Features from the Jurassic period, with distinctive geomorphology, caves, and fossils, illustrating the formation of the Tethyan Ocean branch.
  • Pillow Lava: Near the village Miravci in Grevgelija municipality.
  • Pelagonian Massif: A crystalline core representing a continental type of Earth’s crust.
  • Volcanic Complex: Includes Precambrian and Paleozoic metamorphic rocks, alongside a modern ski center on Kozuf Mountain.
  • Geothermal Sources and Spa-Resorts: Dating back to the Precambrian era, located in Gevgelija.
  • Nature Escapes and Adventure Activities: In the Povardarie valley, offering adrenaline-fueled experiences.
  • Biodiversity and Conservation Areas: Features 4 important bird areas, 4 important plant areas, one prime butterfly area, and 6 nature monuments, part of the NATURA 2000 network.
  • Gastronomy: The region is renowned for its culinary delights and is a leading wine-producing area in Southern Europe.
  • Historical Sites: Includes Prosek and Vardardski Rid, revealing layers of civilization, and an early Christian basilica in Demir Kapija.
  • Cultural Events: Rock climbing festival, St. Trifun wine festival in Demir Kapija, and arts and culture festivals in Gevgelija.

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